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10:56pm 13/02/2008

(Party til' you puke!)

01:21pm 20/01/2008

(Party til' you puke!)

01:05pm 27/07/2007
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(Party til' you puke!)

11:24pm 19/02/2007
612 Pearl st
Ypsilanti, MI

(Party til' you puke!)

this muthafuckin chocolate aint messin around 
07:34pm 01/12/2005
  my party is tommorow.
people must show up
$5 to drink all night, beer, liqour, and of course a giant tub of jungle juice. matty homicide's gourmet blend.

starts at 10.
fuckin come

(Party til' you puke!)

03:31am 29/11/2005

Hosted By:
Matty Homicide,Kristy, & roomates

Friday Dec 02, 2005
at 10:00 PM

The skincredibles house
510 N. Congress, Apt.5
ypsilanti, MI 48197

Motherfucking november-tober fest. get drunk at our apartment. we want you there!

Making a ton of jungle juice. People needed to help consume said jungle juice. Everyone should come and bring a friend.
Its gonna be huge.
There will be beer too, for those who dont like super-cocktails.


cmon cmon
i changed this shit up in the info, more relevent to now. hopefully this doesnt go ignored anymore and people will post shit in here once again.
im counting on you guys, we all need to hang out together more.
plus im 21 in a couple weeks.
fuckers you better come...

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06:53pm 04/04/2005
  hotel party like woah soon
some people help me put this shit together

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10:15pm 28/08/2004
mood: contemplative
Ok the party date has been set this Monday and it is going to be the last party before school :( so make sure we have alot of people!!!.lol. Also it's the same rules bring your own shit cause were not a liquor store!!!...Also i will be directing Traffic as always you have been doing better than i could imagine lately on parking...Anyway as always there is go-carts so please get here early everyone always shows up way late.lol. SO everyone cool with this date it's kinda soon but sort notice for me also...Anyway we will start around six as always ......well talk to you all later....By the way hope everyone comes :)

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08:03pm 28/08/2004
  party at rickies on monday  

(Party til' you puke!)

09:22pm 07/08/2004
  ok im here to tell you about the upcoming party it will be this tuesday 8/10/04 so people get your party hats on cause this is going to be a big one..now you can spend the night but you have to sleep in your car or in a tent but tents are not that great as we have found out they tend to leak.lol.Anyway if you know any hot and single chicks invite them it's cool Anywya agian i will direct traffic as usual you guys did fairlly well last time..Also i have room in the house for a couple of people now since i made some modifications but still not enough room for fifteen.lol.I have arranged security this time the last two times there was really none so i called my boys from highland and pontiac Kill Switch Addict, and Mayhem, there a couple of big wrestlers i know. Also during carry nation see there show!! they will be holding a wrestling match downtown this year so make sure you check it out....By the way bring your own stuff cause were not a liquor store also what you bring in iis your responsibility and we are not responsable....and the date may change if me and Ryan feel we didnt give it enough time so check here often!!!! and we will start around six let me know if you have any questions !!!  

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02:28am 23/07/2004
mood: good

Ok well i have details on the upcoming party at my house it is set for Monday the 26 th but that is subject to change but all the ground work has been done so here are the details 1. It will be mostly an outside party and if you would like to spend the night you can but bring a tent and set it up in the backyard, 2.Parking you guys are the worse parkers in the history of parking.lol. you park where ever you like that is changing when you pull in i will direct you to where you can park as to maximize space!! 3. there will be no Drugs Or Liquor but i am not going to be searching personal property such as cars or individuals it is against the law to do that unless i am a police officer so you are lucky ;) But i expect you will obey the rules (what ever you bring in is you responsibility) now 4. the party will start while it is still light so we can use the go-carts so around 6:00 i believe we will start.  5. i dont want many more people that we had last time so around fifteen to twenty is the max..  6.Also i have arranged security so i can feel secure as to crowd control.. that is all for now so i am posting this in short notice so that we wont have tons of people also if coming you have a question call me on my cell at  1-248-245-0377 or post a comment on my LJ talk to you all later


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01:27pm 04/07/2004
mood: contemplative
werd this party on tuesday will be bangin, You should make the upstairs restricted accsess so that not just any joe blow can go utairs and fuck on ur parents bed, you cant trust everyone mathew, you dont want people going through ur parents shit. anyway yah man, where is the party at this weekend though???

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Matt's party 
06:07pm 03/07/2004
mood: contemplative
Alright guys...
my parents are up north for 2 weeks and as you all know im throwing a party this tuesday (6/6/2004).
it'll start around 9ish i think.
everyone needs to organize rides.

people coming:
and maybe some more.
ive tried to organize rides so that people can car pool here.
there will be points where i will meet and pick these people up at so i can avoid a large number of cars in front of my house. I really dont want to deal with cops.

rides(* drivers):

1. britt*, adam, dallas
2. ryan, bailee, angi*
3. james, laura, Chris*, Drew*
4. Brandon*, ashely, megan, josh(?), woody(?)
5. Dan*, aaron
6. justin is driving up the ypsi crew
7. everyone else i get to grab or they need to get ahold of someone

its gonna be an overnight deal... drinkin for sure. on that note, everyone needs to chip in some cash right now so i can buy stuff.
call me and i can set up drivers with drop/pick up places near my house so that i can pull a soccer mom.

there cant be any smoking in the house, so take it out behind my house on the deck. if theres pot, we will go out to the fields.
itll mostly be in the basement so that its not so noisy outside. the upstairs will be reserved for special use, and whatnot *wink wink*
im typing up this huge thing and no one will even come here to see this in time.
well, if ya find it, here it is.
if you have questions, you should call my cell. (810)955-5198
alright kids, this is it.

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here we go 
04:37pm 03/07/2004
  alright guys, here it is...
for the benifit of all, i have created this community so that organizing parties and shht is easier. you can post really anything releveant to the crew in general.
have at it.

(Party til' you puke!)