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Ok well i have details on the upcoming party at my house it is set for Monday the 26 th but that is subject to change but all the ground work has been done so here are the details 1. It will be mostly an outside party and if you would like to spend the night you can but bring a tent and set it up in the backyard, 2.Parking you guys are the worse parkers in the history of you park where ever you like that is changing when you pull in i will direct you to where you can park as to maximize space!! 3. there will be no Drugs Or Liquor but i am not going to be searching personal property such as cars or individuals it is against the law to do that unless i am a police officer so you are lucky ;) But i expect you will obey the rules (what ever you bring in is you responsibility) now 4. the party will start while it is still light so we can use the go-carts so around 6:00 i believe we will start.  5. i dont want many more people that we had last time so around fifteen to twenty is the max..  6.Also i have arranged security so i can feel secure as to crowd control.. that is all for now so i am posting this in short notice so that we wont have tons of people also if coming you have a question call me on my cell at  1-248-245-0377 or post a comment on my LJ talk to you all later

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