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ok im here to tell you about the upcoming party it will be this tuesday 8/10/04 so people get your party hats on cause this is going to be a big you can spend the night but you have to sleep in your car or in a tent but tents are not that great as we have found out they tend to if you know any hot and single chicks invite them it's cool Anywya agian i will direct traffic as usual you guys did fairlly well last time..Also i have room in the house for a couple of people now since i made some modifications but still not enough room for have arranged security this time the last two times there was really none so i called my boys from highland and pontiac Kill Switch Addict, and Mayhem, there a couple of big wrestlers i know. Also during carry nation see there show!! they will be holding a wrestling match downtown this year so make sure you check it out....By the way bring your own stuff cause were not a liquor store also what you bring in iis your responsibility and we are not responsable....and the date may change if me and Ryan feel we didnt give it enough time so check here often!!!! and we will start around six let me know if you have any questions !!!
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